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Local Comment On Tugun

by Kitty Jellinek
Nowhere else on the Gold Coast will you get the sense of community that there is in Tugun. It has evolved over about 100 years from a farming area and railway stop with just a few holiday homes to a modern and progressive community catering for the needs of all age groups. Whether you are young and single after your first flat to rent, a young family or retiree wanting to be close to the beach, or a successful business person trying to "live the dream" and have a home overlooking the beach, you're very likely to find something to [...]
Nev Rodda

Tugun Bowls and Community Club Presents – Become A Champion

by Kitty Jellinek
Lawn Bowls: Reprogram Your Mind To Become A CHAMPION!!! - Nev Rodda Wanna learn how to reprogram yourself to become a better sportsman?? This is what the pro's do and you can too!! Enjoy https://youtu.be/jaAygr6eetw Visit your local community Bowls Club at http://www.tugunbowls.com.au/