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Nowhere else on the Gold Coast will you get the sense of community that there is in Tugun. It has evolved over about 100 years from a farming area and railway stop with just a few holiday homes to a modern and progressive community catering for the needs of all age groups.

Whether you are young and single after your first flat to rent, a young family or retiree wanting to be close to the beach, or a successful business person trying to “live the dream” and have a home overlooking the beach, you’re very likely to find something to suit your needs.

There are very few places on the Gold Coast where you find the lush green of the hills and mountains come so close to the ocean. Currumbin Creek and wildlife sanctuary are 5 minutes down the road.

The airport is five minutes drive, and direct access to the M1 is only a couple of minutes away.

Tugun Surf Life Saving Club is right on the beach where you can swim in safety during patrol times and have a meal and a drink with the family. The Bowls club is recognised well throughout Australia especially with winter visitors from southern states.

The shopping village offers every imaginable service and product range, all in a relaxed family friendly way. Schools are only minutes away at Currumbin. The John Flynn Hospital is one of Australia’s most respected private hospitals and sits at the back of Tugun.

Tugun. The complete beachside lifestyle you have been looking for.

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