Is your Resume getting you any interviews?  Is it doing your “head in” trying to figure out what is required to get through to the interview stage?

Many job seekers have the belief that they can get away with using a template from an internet site to create their resumes and/or cover letters to prepare for a new job application but the truth is that 93% of their documents are being scanned by a software (ATS), and if one doesn’t know what the software is searching for, the task of getting selected is impossible.  Read more about it here:

Resumes and Cover letters are actually a lot more technical than most job seekers believe them to be and finding an expert writer is not an easy task.  Firstly, there are a lot of “foreign companies” who have no idea what’s actually happening in the job market in Australia and secondly there are those “backyard companies” who are “one-man bands” who also have no idea what’s happening online or even what a scanning software looks like.  There are also a lot of amateur resume writers who actually visit people at their homes for a face to face consultation whilst this is a great option for some, most of these people are using templates as there’s no way they’d have time to consult with clients and prepare their documents for the fee they’re charging.  As the (ATS)  is extremely sophisticated and has the ability to identify templates (or double content), it immediately discards the documents which job seekers have just paid a lot of money for.

If you’re in the job market and you’re facing fierce competition, it’s well worth to pay for professional documents to be written for you.

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