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Lawn Bowls: Rob Parrella Vs Willie Wood

by Kitty Jellinek
Lawn Bowls: Rob Parrella Vs Willie Wood - 1983 - Best Driver Of All Times!!! Is he the best driver in the world?? Perhaps yes!! Rob Parrella at his best Vs Willie Wood from Scotland. brought to you by
Tugun Oceanway

Tugun to Bilinga Oceanway

by Kitty Jellinek
The missing 1.7km link of Oceanway between Tugun and Bilinga is desperately desired by the residents and visitors to our beautiful southern Gold Coast. Make sure you sign our petition to see this path built. Go to for more information.
Nev Rodda

Tugun Bowls and Community Club Presents – Become A Champion

by Kitty Jellinek
Lawn Bowls: Reprogram Your Mind To Become A CHAMPION!!! - Nev Rodda Wanna learn how to reprogram yourself to become a better sportsman?? This is what the pro's do and you can too!! Enjoy Visit your local community Bowls Club at
Lawn Bowls the Leader

Lawn Bowls Nev Rodda Coaching Series

by Kitty Jellinek
Following is a playlist of Nev Rodda's lawn bowls coaching series. Brought to you by Tugun Bowls and Community Club CLICK HERE to visit.
the grip

Tugun Lawn Bowls Lessons – The Grip

by tugunbowlsclub
There are many different techniques taught on the "Grip" in lawn bowls. I guess the most important principle is consistency - meaning whatever technique you use it must result in a repeatable delivery method. The following video clearly illustrates one of the methods used. Find out more at:Tugun Bowls and Community Club
Australian open 2015

2015 Australian Open Bowls Men’s 4’s Final End for $20,000!

by Kitty Jellinek Tugun Orange has won the Northern Rivers Round Robin after semifinals and finals were played at Cabarita. See more results from Tugun Bowls Click Here
Tugun Our Garden

Tugun Community Projects

by Kitty Jellinek
Community Gardening In Tugun.
Tugun Activities

Tugun Community Activities

by Kitty Jellinek
Tugun Skate Park